Today at the Colorado Performing Arts Jamboree

Dave, Tree andDoc are all participating in our booth at the Colorado Performing Arts Jamboree at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. There are 80 booths, mostly of musicians and bands and a gaggle of talent buyers from all different towns, counties and organizations who hire entertainment for their events. We are representing Open Stage Denver to all of the bands and talent buyers here today. We’ve run into dozens of people we’ve worked with at one point or another. It’s great to get out and get to know others in the music community, and the people who hire them. This is typical one of the best events for better-paying music gigs. We’ve met lots of promoters and even a great couple of guys who are putting on the first annual Mile High Hemp Fest. We’re looking forward to helping to put together a big show for them on a 1200 acre farm. Apparently the contact high comes at no charge. We will check in again soon!